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Next Step Strategy Session

Every market is different, and every investor is different. That’s why you need a personal mentor that KNOWS St.Louis. Take the time to put aside 60 minutes of your life to gain YEARS of STL REI knowledge from Nick Baur.

Only $497

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What to Expect

No matter your strategy (wholesaling, rehabs, rentals, etc.), you will an in-depth strategy that fits your needs. Not to mention, we KNOW St. Louis, and will be knowledgeable about your market, giving you a one up on any other coaching program around.

Coaching to Start, Develop and Accelerate Your Real Estate Investing Business

While we provide many exceptional educational opportunities for real estate investors, our signature coaching service known as Inner Circle is your fastest way to success in real estate investing.  By having the guiding force of our experienced and active real estate investor coaches you will find success faster and with far less mistakes than learning it on you own.

Since Joining, I have put 3 houses under cotract in 3 weeks. I joined  just over a month ago and could not be happier with my experience to date.  Although I have been involved in one form or another of the real estate business since 1986, I realized that in some ways I had fallen behind the learning curve. The new techniques and systems that I have learned have really helped jump start my renewed excitement for the business.  Since joining  I have put 3 deals under contract in 3 weeks and am looking at several more.  The camaraderie among the other members is great also, and much of what you learn will be from your fellow members. So whether you are a novice or old pro in the real estate business I would highly recommend them to help take your game to another level.

Jerry Meyer

Real Estate Agent

Welcome to The SouthSide Investment Club!

SSIC is dedicated to educating, connecting and inspiring the Real Estate Investing community in St. Louis.  Our motto is:  It’s Not About the Money – it’s About the Freedom! We began as a handful of real estate investors getting together once a month back in 2007.  Now we have thousands of people come to attend our events throughout the year.  The goal of our club is simple, educate, inform and inspire while providing great networking opportunities.

How Can We Help You?

Our Core Competency is Real Estate Investment 1-on-1 training.  Most people will give you information – loads of information and just say, “Go do this and you will be a SUCCESS”.  NOT! Information is a huge commodity today – it’s basically everywhere and yet, people don’t know what to do with it. Here’s your opportunity: our experienced coaches will give you the insight and access. Access to systems and strategies used by the best investors in St. Louis. Access to the right network of people – the right tools and resources at the right time. When you have that in place, never again will you have to feel stuck, not having an answer to breakthrough to the next level.

Never again will you feel like you are alone – trying to figure all of this out on your own. This is exactly why we want to begin our new relationship on the right foot. Take the time to speak with us about your future, so we can show you exactly how you too can create the real estate investing strategy you always wanted – and achieve financial freedom!

Our Events

Discover Real Estate Investing Workshop

The best introduction to investing in real estate! We cover the various ways you can make money in real estate and how to build a solid, actionable plan to achieve your financial goals. Learn more about our Discover Real Estate Investing Workshop –>

Monthly Case Study and Speaker Series

These are great networking events and are always jam-packed with great information.  We address current situations that affect us in St. Louis, feature in-depth case studies on properties, showcase an invited local or national speaker, or host an expert panel Q&A.  Learn more about our Monthly Case Study and Speaker Series –>

Show Me Bus Tours

Our very popular bus tours show non-MLS, exclusive properties for the rental or rehab buyers. Properties are in various stages of rehab – new acquisitions, in process rehabs and finished or near finished rehabs.  You get a full walk-through each property. The only way you will not learn something is to not show up!  Learn more about our Show Me Bus Tours –>

3 Day Find and Fund Seminars

Our 3 day events are just as advertised.  Dedicated to showing you how to find good investment properties and how and where to get funding for those properties.  These events are information packed! Learn more about our 3 Day Find and Fund Seminars –>

Other Real Estate Investing Resources

To help the real estate investing community in St. Louis we also provide a thewholesalehub.com a free marketplace for listing and finding wholesale properties.

For more in depth help with developing your real estate investing business, we also have a coaching program that can be found at ssicinnercircle.com.

SSIC Vendors

Professionals that work with real estate investors everyday.
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