This Is The Very Best Time To Get Started In Real Estate Investing… You’ll Learn Why At This Intensive 3-Day Workshop!

Find & Flip Houses Right Now Using A Proven System Created By Local St. Louis Investors!

(Even Starting Without Cash, Credit, Or Prior Experience)

If you register through MeetUp, you can bring a partner of spouse with you at no additional charge.

Register for this 3 Day Real Estate Investing Workshop Where You’ll Discover:

⭐️If real estate investing is right for you, and how everyday people are making their fortunes buying and selling houses in today’s market.
⭐️Where to find houses you can buy for as little as 30% – 70% under market value.
⭐️How to get other people’s money to fund your real estate business even without using your own cash or credit.
⭐️Why you don’t need any prior experience to start right now!
⭐️Why Flipping properties IS NOT like what you see on TV and the reality “behind the scenes”.
⭐️How to sell properties fast without lifting a hammer, doing any repairs, or dealing with tenants. (WOW! No plungers!)
⭐️And so, so, so much more!

July 26th, 27th & 28th, 2019
Holiday Inn & Suites – Route 66

Why we created this free seminar…

We love real estate and what it can bring to secure the futures of families, want-to-be-retirees, and anyone who wants more freedom in their everyday life.

It is not that hard, you just need a good system to use and follow to prevent mistakes.

Our goal is to open St. Louisians’ mindset to the possibilities and avenues in real estate. From wholesaling a property to creating rental income to flipping and how to do all of this with no money out of your pocket.

This is all possible with just basic level knowledge that we teach.

⭐️Register Today! This is a paid event – $297.00

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