SSIC Unite!

Own rental Properties?

Looking to buy some Rental Properties?  

Scared of owning Rentals?

Seriously?  Scared of Tenants?  


Hope not, but if you are listen up…

AND, if you currently own, or looking to buy a few rentals, this is the place you need to be!

Rehabs are sexy.  It’s what fuels most of the HGTV and cable shows.  

But to quote my good friend Darren Buttram… Rentals are elegant.  

It’s because they help to create long term wealth through many different ways.  

So a WELL RUN rental portfolio, small or large is the key to many many people’s financial success. 

This month’s presentation called Property Management Explained helps landlords understand the 5 pillars of property management. We will be talking about all the systems necessary to effectively manage rental properties and streamline your processes so you spend less time managing properties and more time growing your rental portfolio. 

In this training, you will learn how to market your properties effectively, what to look out for when leasing to potential tenants, how to manage your books, ways to structure your maintenance and finally how to protect yourself from violating federal housing rules. This is going to be a must for anyone who owns or is looking to own rental property.

Our presenter Edward O’Daniel is a seasoned real estate investor and property manager with over 12 year’s experience, and is also an SSIC Vendor. Edward is currently married with two teenage daughters. He is a disabled veteran of the US Army and all around good guy. He current runs and managed a professional property management company called Dunamis Property Management in the St Louis, MO area and he takes great pride in helping his clients grow and manage their rental portfolio.

Directly after his presentation, we will have Paul Simms from Intrepid Realty, another SSIC Vendor specializing in property management join Edward on stage for a quick run down/update and panel discussion on the ever changing climate for landlords in the Saint Louis Area.  What municipalities are doing to make things harder, more expensive… which ones to look out for, and which ones are easier to do business in.

This is going to be an exciting night, please don’t miss this opportunity to be in the know!

As always, a member submitted case study will be reviewed, along with one of the best Real Estate Professional networking hours in town!

Doors open at 6 PM

Main Meeting is from 7-9 PM

Save you spot ASAP, and we’ll see you there!