SSIC Presents: Wes Villhards’ “Don’t let the gotcha’s getcha”

Wes has been a member/vendor/sponsor of SSIC for years. He is a structural engineer, home inspector, investor, has helped a TON of SSIC members inspect their purchases, and been around a VERY LONG TIME. But don’t let his old age deceive you :)… he’s got some smarts up on top, a ton of valuable information… and he’s got some jokes as well!

Here’s why to come to this meeting

1: Wes has been in 1000’s of homes from log cabins, yurts, teepees, 120 year old homes to mansions…and everything in between.
2: Foundations cracks? What’s a good crack, a bad crack and how much will it take to fix it.
3: Electrical? Most homes have electricity… so when do you need to replace the panel? Is aluminium wiring safe?
4: Plumbing? Again most homes have indoor plumbing, and the general rule of thumb is if it’s not leaking don’t fix it… but how long does cast iron last? What are barnacles… and not the sponge bob variety…
5: Roofs? Kind of important right? Hail damage anyone?
6: Tons more, but you get the idea…

Wes has compiled a list of some of the top things overlooked by homeowners and investors and has put a presentation together to inform us for what to look at in order to not get burned by some of the most common items he has seen over the years… So join us as Wes walks though some of the most common items buyers miss when looking at homes.

Wes will also have open Q&A at the end entitled: ‘STUMP THE CHUMP’

Also, we’ll have Steve Kenniston the TAX MAN on had to quickly review what the new tax changes mean for us investors!!!

AND we’ll have the one the only Barb Seerey on hand to review some BIG changes to board approved contracts this year as well as MASSIVE CYBER WIRE FRAUD that you NEED to be in the know of, and what to do to protect yourself!!

We’ll also showcase another member submitted case study!

Also, food and drinks provided by Lawrence Hopkins with Longhorn Investments. Mardi Gras themed… can you say Hurricanes anyone???

Plus enjoy some of the best Real Estate Networking in town. Don’t miss, this will be a great night of networking, information knowledge and sharing. See you then!

Nick Baur