We’re starting a new series of meetings this year, entitled ‘So you want to be a real estate investor…’

March kicks off our Monthly Case Studies Night with: So you want to be a real estate investor… MARKETING

Everything has changed…AGAIN! Every year, hundreds of St. Louis’ smartest investors descend on SSIC to learn what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s actually working RIGHT NOW to find off-market properties. Here is what you can expect to learn:

HIDDEN SOURCES: We’ll reveal hidden sources of properties that NO ONE is talking about.
NEW PROFIT CENTERS: Transform your marketing from an expense to a revenue-generating Profit Center! Get more out of what you’ve already got. Get paid for dead leads!
STEALTH MARKETING: Generate motivated seller leads for as low as $0.15 with BRAND NEW Stealth Marketing!
TOOLS, TIPS & HACKS: The latest in marketing tricks and tactics powering today’s Real Estate Investors.
BIG IDEAS: Jaw-dropping marketing and business principles that will explode your business to the next level.
You Have To Take Action To Get Results…

Join SSIC on Thursday, March 8 6-9PM

About our Speaker, Damon Remy

As the founder of REI BlackBook, the world’s #1 Real Estate Investing platform, Damon has unique insight into thousands of successful real estate investing businesses across the globe! He has worked with every possible type of investor and is the hired gun for the nation’s largest Real Estate Investors.

Join us for the best networking in town, eats and treats, connect in with 100s of other investors, and tons of our vendors for your next project

No matter your strategy (Wholesaling, Fix&Flip, Lease Options, Buy&Hold) or your current volume (1 or Hundreds of Deals per year), Damon will be sharing topics that matter to the growth of your business.

See you then!