April 12th 2018, continues on with our series “So you want to be a real estate investor…” with this months focus being “How to Successfully Transition to FULL TIME Real Estate Investor”

So you want to be a real estate investor… and you want to do it full time…



Come and we’ll walk through how some of our successful members have transitioned from part time to full time. We’ll walk through their though process, the steps they took before making the leap, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them, and look back and see what they would do differently.

We’ll also cover exactly how to set yourself up for success, along with mistakes we commonly see and how to avoid them. We’ll walk through the methodology, the steps, the plan, the structure and more to transition to full time the right way.

So you can say I QUIT to your boss!!!

We’ll also have a member submitted case study where we will show how they found the deal, funded it, renovated it, sold it and all the numbers and details!

Plus, network with our vendors for all your contracting needs, plumbing, roofs, painting, attorneys, tax guys, etc etc etc.

PLUS!!!! Network with 100s of other successful local investors, share deals, make connections and meet new folks!

This will be a great night, hurry seats fill up quickly!!!