SSIC Presents:  Wholesaling Panel of Experts!

Wholesalers source properties for other investors, and our panel of experts are… well experts at this!

Wholesaling allows for short quick profits for quick cash infusions by sourcing great deals to other investors.  

In today’s hot real estate market, finding deals is getting tight.  Finding NON-MLS off-market deals, and getting straight to the source is the best way to get to some of the best real estate deals out there.  

But getting to these deals is the challenge.  

Come learn how our panel of experts are:

• Consistently finding off-market NON-MLS deals.

• How they market for deals

• How they evaluate them

• How they sell them

• How they negotiate

• Write contracts

• Coordinate closings

• How they run their business and more!

Wholesaling is must-know for all real estate investors.  Even if it is not your focus, you need to know how to profit from a deal that you come across without having to complete the project yourself.  AND, even if you have no desire to be a champion wholesaler, learning how they work and how to work with them is key for them sourcing properties to you!

Our Panelists:

• Rob Heyder with Core Properties, on pace to flip 104 homes this year

• Keith Immken with Homevestors, consistently buys 5-6 properties a month for the last 15 years…

Brian Eichelberger withEichelberger Properties 

Our Wholesaling panel does hundreds of deals every year.

Come and find out how!

Doors open for Networking, food and drinks at 6 PM

7-9 PM Main Meeting

See you then (BTW this meeting will fill up FAST.  Save your Seat ASAP.)