SSIC Presents:  Ask The Lawyer Night!!!

SSIC Unite!

We’ve got a great meeting for you planned for this evening!

Bring the new year in RIGHT by coming out for SSIC’s January Monthly Case Studies and Speaker Series with Michael Sewell!  

We’ll be hosting a case studies session featuring a local investor’s deal from start to finish.  Pics/ARV/Repair scope/comps/MAO/Contractors/Wins/Fails… the whole inter workings of a deal.  

Then… do you ever have legal questions about real estate investing?  Then join us for “ask the lawyer” night at SSIC. Clayton attorney, and real estate investor, Michael Sewell, will give a brief presentation on some of the fundamentals of investing in residential real estate, including: why an LLC is critical to protecting your personal assets, how to use trusts, pointers on contracts and leases, the basics of evictions, and ways to actually collect on a rent judgment.  As a bonus, Michael will explain how, starting in May, you’ll be able to raise capital online from any investor for acquisition or rehab.  During the Q&A, Michael will answer your questions about these and any other real estate related questions you might have.  So, join us for all things real estate law. 

Of course you’ll need to join us for the fastest and bestest open networking for Real Estate Investors Real Estate Professionals in Saint Louis. 

Doors open at 6 PM SHARP

Main Meeting is from 7-9 PM

And of course we’ll supply the Pizza and Drinks!

See you there!