SSIC Presents:  Bill Maret AKA Rusty for Year End and 2016 GOSPA Business Planning!!!

4th Quarter is here, have you hit your goals?

Have you accomplished what you wanted to this year?

Good news is, you still have time to make adjustments to finish the year strong, but the best news is you can build your plan NOW to hit the ground running in January.

DON’T WAIT TILL JAN 1st to set your goals.  Don’t wait to think about your objectives, or tweaking your strategies.  

The best time to form a plan is before you start, so let’s have a GOSPA planning session together.

Bill Maret will be on hand show you how to write a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE 1 page business plan using high level techniques that businesses, corporations and sales people have secretly been using for decades.

If you are going to put a 1000 piece puzzle together What’s the MOST important piece to start with?  

The corner?  

The edge?

The middle piece?

How about starting with the box itself?  

Being able to look at the box will help you determine where all the puzzle pieces go, and how they are arranged.  How they fit together, and what colors go where.  

Don’t just think that if you through a bunch of stuff at the wall that some of it will stick and you’ll do fine, or be ok…

Come out and plan with Bill to make 2016 effective, profitable and so much more enjoyable knowing that you can create your own puzzle box and all you’ll have to do is follow your plan to enjoy success.

So I’m sure you’ve also heard that the St. Louis County Landlord bill requiring landlords to be licensed for unincorporated parts of St. Louis County has passed.  The new St Louis County Rental Property License Ordinance will become effective 1/1/2016. It requires a new license if used as rental property in unincorporated STL County.  Jerry Hopping has created a group ‘Missouri Property Rights Coalition’ to challenge this law as well as other unfair laws regarding landlords in Missouri.  He’ll be joining us with info on how to get involved to help fight this new legislation.  Jerry is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of Missouri under the name of Jer-Ren Properties. They manage around 50 properties. Those are owned by investors as well as themselves. They Rehab, Flip as well as rent, and have been investing in Real Estate since 2002.

We’ll also have a short presentation by Mr. Wayne Crull!  Wayne Crull is an experienced executive in the not for profit world having served as a CEO, COO and CFO. His experience in real estate investing has led him to an encore role with a local charitable foundation where he uses real estate to generate funds for the foundation and represents them to their public in the Southeast region of our State. He’ll be on hand to explain how to analyze your current real estate portfolio to discover how a combination of charitable contributions, tax credits and precise management can maximize your profits from real estate.

As always, we’ll have eats and drinks when doors open at 6 PM, and we’ll host the fastest and bestest Real Estate Professional Networking hour on the planet. 

Oh, and don’t wait to RSVP, this is our last meeting for the year, and we expect a sell out crowd.

See you then!