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There is a lot of satisfaction that comes with rehabbing a property AND a tremendous amount of money to be made when you do it right. You need to find houses not listed on the MLS so you get the right discount. You need to correctly leverage other peoples’ money so you lessen your risk and increase your return. Done right, you can easily make $30K. But you can lose $10K just as easily if you do it wrong.

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Finding discounted properties is one of the most challenging aspects of real estate investing.  As you know the key to making money in real estate is buying properties right…buying properties at a steep discount.  But you have to know where and how to find these “hidden markets” for the best deals.  Foreclosure lists, banked owned properties, short sales, for sale by owner all of these are good places to start…but everyone already knows about these sources.  By using the sources that we teach you can get to property owners that just don’t want their property anymore, giving you the highest possible profit.

FREE BONUS:  Real Estate Investing: What You Need To Know


  • ABCs of Real Estate Investing Jargon – Simple explanation of ABC soup of acronyms and jargon.
  • Top 10 Habits of the Wealthy – What the wealthy do with their money that the middle class doesn’t know about.

What You Will Learn

How to Find Foreclosure Homes

Getting Access to Bank Owned Properties

Buying Short Sale Homes

Buying Properties at Auction

Finding Investment Property for Sale


Buying Repossessed Houses

Profiles of Good Investment Properties

The Short Sale Buying Process

How To Use Real Estate To Replace Your Income

4 Things You Should NEVER Do When Buying a House

A Few Words From Our Members

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Nick Baur

Nick Baur

Founder SSIC, Owner Real Estate Rehab, Designated Broker Equity Missouri

Why I Created This Property Finding Seminar

Finding discounted properties requires non-MLS deals that nobody knows about.  There are dozens of these hidden markets and we can show you how to plug into them.  If you are looking for properties on foreclosure home lists, bank owned property lists, short-sale lists, for sale by owner or on property auctions then this property finding workshop is a MUST attend.

I love real estate and what it can bring to secure the futures of families, want-to-be-retirees, and anyone who wants more freedom in their everyday life.  It is not that hard, you just need a good system to use and follow to prevent mistakes. Our goal is to open St. Louisians minds to the possibilities and avenues in real estate.  From wholesaling a property, to creating rental income, to flipping, and how to do all of this with little to no money out of your pocket.  This is all possible with just basic level knowledge that we teach.

This is all possible and very real in the real estate investment world.  However, you can also lose money if you do not know what you are doing or what to look for.  The first, most important step is to have learn the best ways to find properties.

Join us to start your education and learn the best ways to buy houses at steep discounts.

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