Monthly Case Studies & Speaker Series

Our Monthly Case Studies and Speaker Series Meeting is our best attended event!  Held on the 2nd Thursday of every month, over 100 real estate investors join us for important updates, education and networking all focused on real estate investing. Please RSVP for this event on our page.  Your first event is FREE then  $20/meeting or you can become a ACCESS PASS MEMBER.

More About the Monthly Case Studies and Speaker Series meetings

Over the years SSIC has presented a wide range of topics with a wide variety of speakers. We’ve found that hosting Case Studies Meetings each month that showcase how to find and put deals together really works best for everyone.  We have different speakers each month that talk on how they approach this business, that provide an insider’s look into how good deals are put together, pitfalls to avoid and their secrets to success. It’s fascinating to see how many different ways there are to do the same thing in this business!  We never have a shortage of local experts that are willing to present at our meetings because they get to brag and highlight their business – and you get to learn from them!  We have found that showing how differently people approach this business month in and month out is one of the best ways to learn Real Estate Investing!

The Monthly Case Studies and Speaker Series Is:

  • The largest gathering of highly motivated Real Estate Investors and professionals in Saint Louis, the largest in the Mid-west and one of the largest in the USA!
  • A monthly showcase of real deals we put together right here in St. Louis: Start to finish , how we found these deals, how the deals found us, how we funded them, how we rehabbed or rented them.
  • Your chance to connect with local service vendors to help you in your Real Estate Business
  • Your chance to connect and network with other local Real Estate Investors and Professionals

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What is SSIC?

SSIC was founded in 2007 with just one goal… to talk about ‘All Things Real Estate, and Real Estate Investing!’    Over the years we have exploded to St. Louis’ Largest Real Estate Investing Club, and actually one of the largest in the USA!   Why?   Because we are creating success stories for our members.   We have an actively engaged online community, entertain 150-200 people at our monthly events, host weekly workshops, produce Show Me Bus tours, offer 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching and offer 3 Day Find and Fund Seminars.  All of these events and activities are designed to show people how to invest in real estate.  How to find the best deals, how to have the best deals chase them, and how to gain access to all the money they will need for their real estate projects. Because we are local to St. Louis, we are able to provide a HUGE service to people and connect them with the knowledge, information, tools, systems, and networking they need to grow their business!

Who is SSIC?

SSIC is comprised of highly motivated local real estate investing professionals, and this is one of our biggest strengths.  Our members are willing to share what they know because we have provided a positive atmosphere in which they thrive.  We are 1st time Investors, Seasoned Investors, Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Service Providers and more.  We are almost 6000 online members strong and have a very engaged online community. Get Connected Today!