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Every market is different, and every investor is different. A personal mentor who KNOWS the St.Louis area market can be the difference between a profitable transition to the world of real estate investing and crashing and burning.

Take the time and reserve 60 minutes to gain years of St. Louis real estate investing knowledge from Nick Baur.

No matter your strategy (wholesaling, rehabs, rentals, etc.), you will an in-depth strategy that fits your needs.

We KNOW the St. Louis area market, and hold nothing back while we work with you to succeed..

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Where We've Been.
Where We're Going.
And, How to Invest in Greater St. Louis Real Estate Post-Covid

Make This Year YOUR Year!

See how some of my students are profiting!



Buy Price – $145k
Construction – $200k
Sell Price – $450k

Chris Smith

Buy Price – $70k
Cleanup – $2k
Sell Price – $141k


Larry and Patti Bowers





Buy Price – $140k
Rehab/Holding – $65k
Sell Price – $280k


Brian Cords

Meet Your Host — Nicholas Baur

Discover St Louis Real Estate Investing

Nicholas Baur is one of the nation’s leading residential real estate investors who focuses solely on his “Home Area” St. Louis!. Through decades of experience he has bought and sold hundreds of properties and has been a party to hundreds more totaling well over $100,000,000 in transactions.

And now his passion is to teach others the right way to invest here.

He’s seen the best and worst of markets – and believes right now there is a huge window for anyone to invest in real estate – now is your chance!

Such a passionate mentor, Nicholas understands the importance of proper training before taking risks. That’s why Nick created his training programs to help everyday people take advantage of the massive opportunity in today’s fast real estate market.

Not only that, but he believes that real estate investing not only leads to wealth, but affords entrepreneurs an amazing lifestyle.

Are you ready to take the journey to financial freedom?

“All this is great, but really what I really hope to do is help you to break everything down to just a few simple things, help you to gain the confidence to go out there FIND BETTER INVESTABLE PROPERTIES with actual spreads and cash flow.

I just got off the phone with one of our members Wes Villhard, who just flipped his 2nd property in Maryland Heights for a whopping 50k profit… FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS guys… that’s a lot of dough… oh yeh, BTW, his first flip netted over 40k….”


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