House Master

Contact: Wes Villhard

Phone: (314) 393-9543



House Master

The HouseMaster home inspection is geared toward buyers and sellers who seek an independent, third-party, professional evaluation of the condition of the major elements of a home before making the financial commitment to purchase.

Clients are encouraged to join the HouseMaster inspector during the inspection. The inspection will include the evaluation of the visible and accessible elements of the home including:

  • Central heating system and its components
  • Central cooling system and its components (weather permitting)
  • Interior plumbing system and its components
  • Interior electrical system and its components
  • The roof and its components
  • The siding
  • The foundation
  • The walls, ceilings and floors
  • The built-in kitchen appliances

Optional HouseMaster Inspection Services

  • Radon screening
  • Termite Inspections
  • Lead paint screening
  • Water Potability tests
  • Pool inspections
  • Private water and waste system inspections
  • Mold Testing
  • EIFS inspections (Exterior Insulation Finish Systems)
  • New construction inspection
  • Commercial Property Inspections
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspections