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REI Blackbook

REI BlackBook was created for you.

We want you to stand out amongst the noise, to be successful, to love your business every day and spend more time choosing your life than playing by default.

We do this, so that you can have that.

REI BlackBook is a web-based platform that supports novice and veteran real estate investors in growing and sustaining their investment business through automation and systemization.

Supporting more than 12,000 real estate investors nationwide, our powerful and proven lead generation funnels, marketing engine, contact management, deal management, deal analysis, and social credibility provides our users with all the tools necessary to run a thriving business without sacrificing the lifestyle and freedom they desire.

We understand that technology alone is not enough; it’s the people behind it that will see you to success. REI BlackBook is not only a product, but also a family of professionals whose passion is to help you succeed. We believe in people and their dreams, and it is our promise to you to provide the support and continued innovation that transforms them into reality.

Our credo, now and always, is: Be better today than yesterday.