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Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just gave you a blueprint for achieving financial freedom?

Well, funny you should mention it…

At SSIC, our goal is very, very simple: Help you achieve your goals through real estate investing in St. Louis.

DISCLAIMER: After your “Blueprint” is created… there is no going back!

We’ve created an incredible coaching and mentoring program that works with members one-on-one through their first deals and help those already in the business gain access to better deals and funding options.

Below we’ve listed just a few of the many resources you’ll get with our Real Estate Coaching and Mentoring services.

Acceptance into the SSIC Inner Circle is by application only.  Here is how to apply:

The Financial Freedom Blueprint

Local Experts Helping Local Investors

Every market is different, and every investor is different. That’s why you will be assigned a personal mentor, who will have at least 10 years of investing and real estate experience. Your coaches main duty; make you a successful Real Estate Investor.

Weekly Trainings

It’s important to stay up to date with RE trends and strategies. Inner Circle provides weekly webinars to do just that. These training events will educate you on finding the best deals, funding deals with little to no money down, rehabbing, rentals and educating you on the most profitable exit strategies.

Weekly lessons ensure you are “in the know” with current RE topics, and strategies to help grow your business.

Monthly Coaching Calls

every Inner Circle student receives monthly 1-on-1 calls with their coach. Each month you’ll receive an “open book” coaching call where you can ask questions, develop strategies, or just discuss your progress. Your first coaching 1-on-1 will start within as little as 48 hours after joining.

Whether developing your investment strategy, getting advice or just talking shop, you and your coach will have time each month to make sure you’re on the path to success. If your coach doesn’t feel you are performing to your max potential they will be brutally honest with you in order to keep you on track, and hold you accountable for your actions.

Access to Coaches Network

Being a lone wolf in real estate can be challenging. Good thing for you, your coach has a killer network already built up for his investment business. They are ready and willing to share what companies and contacts they’ve used to make their business a success.

24/7 Access to Online Training Content

No matter your learning style, Inner Circle Online has videos, documents and links to educate you about real estate investing. As soon as you join Inner Circle you can begin browsing our library of videos and documents, which are there to educate, automate and organize yourself and become a successful investor.

Nick Baur


We’ve helped hundreds of real estate investors reach their lifestyle and financial goals.

My main focus to help you on your journey to becoming a successful, wealthy real-estate investor. Our coaching will do just that!