Keep It Simple Stupid
Keep It Super Simple
Keep It Stupid Simple

Either way let’s use the KISS Method to keep it simple

Okay this one’s going to be a little short . and that’s kind of the point with the kiss method right? We need to make things very simple for ourselves because let’s be honest, when rehabbing a house, it can be quite complicated.  There’s so many decisions to be made when rehabbing a house, from what walls to demo out, to what plumbing needs to be replaced, to if the electric is going to be up to code, to if the roof needs fixing, to what’s a load bearing wall, to what contractors to use, to what kind of kitchen to put in, how to design the kitchen, how many bathrooms were going to put in, are we going to replace the windows, are we going to do landscaping, what paint colors to use, what kind of kitchen sink we’re going to use, what kind of fixtures  we are going to put in, what kind of appliances we will put in and the list goes on.

So, we want to keep this simple, and how do we do that?  Most of the challenging decisions to be made are going to be in the design phase and the finishing touches face. For instance during the design phase, what walls it take down, if the walls are load bearing, if we’re going to add a half bathroom, or if we’re going to rearrange the living quarters, if we’re going to do in addition all those types of things are going to be in the design phase.  And these can be  kind of challenging to figure out.  The second part is going to require a lot of decisions is the actual materials used to paint color scheme the fixtures, the appliances and this is where we can really keep it simple

So for instance we use a tan color scheme and a grey color scheme. We either have natural wood floors or dark stained wood floors. We either use white for the trim or if the house has great woodwork in great shape with leave that and touch up as needed.  We have a white shaker cabinet or a mocha color shaker style kitchen cabinet .For back splashes we like white subway tile with a grey grout. We like brushed nickel fixtures, or oil rubbed bronze fixtures for the bathrooms and kitchens. We like stainless steel appliances and cheap inexpensive what we call ‘boob lights.’ Ceiling fans in the main bedroom or the master bedroom as well. We’ve got a great supplier for Windows.  And for granite in the kitchen we try to go with what’s going to match the floor in the kitchen.  And we like to use 13 inch light beige ceramic tiles with a very light tan grout.  

image (8)

We do all of this, so when we get to the rehab process it’s really easy for us to say we want a tan color scheme with white trim and dark stained hardwood floor look as presented in these photos. that way we’re not going to Home Depot picking out paint colors and spending a lot of time doing that we’ve found what works for us and that’s what we use. and the same goes for the entire house,  any material or product that we need to use we have in a list that’s already gone through with our contractor so he knows exactly what materials and colors to use.

Trust me this makes life so much easier because once you found the look that really looks great don’t fix what’s not broken.  Keep it and  use it.  Buyers will like this and you don’t have to make 1000 decisions to get there.

So there you go this is the kiss method keep it stupid simple hope this helps.