The dreaded question… What do I do in the bathroom???

Simple home remodels rarely are simple.  It starts with the woman of the household watching HGTV and getting 1000 ideas, and they all seem to cost like 75 bucks, until you actually start pricing them out and realize you can quickly spend 3-4 thousand, or even upwards of 7-8k or more.

And really, a big question is, if I spend that money will I get it back when I sell my home in the future?

Then it comes down to, what materials will you use, and what contractors do you use, and this process actually takes a lot of time as well.

And at the end of the day the biggest question is, if I spend that much on the bathroom… will it even look good?

The answer depends totally on the materials you use, and the contractor you pick.

If you pick outdated tiles, or gold fixtures, or something that’s really dated then yes, it won’t turn out right.  And no one wants to spend money on something that will go out of style quickly.

If you use contractors that have little experience, you won’t get a ‘good install’  I’ve seen some tile in my time that wasn’t laid correctly, and man… you almost have to rip it out and start over.. lines not straight, bad grout jobs, looks like a 3rd grader helped out… yikes.

I would suggest there are other questions to handle… who is going to do the demo work, how far are you going to take it, what’s the entire scope of work to be done, what is your budget and these are just a few.

Sometimes just a new vanity, toilet, mirror and paint can make a world of difference in a bathroom.  Sometimes all that plus a new floor.  And like this bathroom we redid, you have to take everything out, and start from scratch.

Don’t be too scared of that, it’s actually the best way to get fantastic results.

And if you don’t have a flare for design, THAT’S OK.  Pick out a few ideas from online or in magazines and put a few ‘plans’ together.

Check out some of these pics from a current rehab project we are doing.  Now we are redoing the entire house, kitchen, bath, plumbing, electric, roof, basement, walls etc… but these few pics illustrate a few things we did that turned out really good.


We got a really good deal on tile, and we wouldn’t normally put tile as high up and all around like these pictures have, because it does cost a bit more, but like I said we got a really good deal on tile, and it just seemed to make sense for this bathroom.

We also decided to keep the original tub and re glaze it.  I’m not sure the actual cost on that, but 300-500 is around the range I think we paid… and man it looks brand new.

And the rest of the materials like the vanity and toilet are pretty standard and can be found an any local hardware store.

Check out the accent tiles, and the shampoo/soap insert/nook that makes for a really expensive look!

Nick Baur/South City Rehab/Team up with Newbold Properties



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